Rento – Online Dice Board Game

Buy lands, trade, build houses

Rento is online dice board game.
In Rento you buy properties, trade lands, spin “Wheel Of Fortune”, get high rents by acquiring monopoly over the map, participate in auctions and most importantly – have fun.
Win the game by bankrupting the other players and becoming the richest.

The game is online MULTIPLAYER so you can play with your friends remotely and also you can play versus players on our http://BoardGamesOnline.Net website.
The monopoli game is also cross platform – you can play versus friends on desktop PC’s.

You can also play OFFLINE without need of internet connection.
You can also play it on the same device with friends.

Enjoy multiple game boards with different arrangements.


In-App Purchases


  • FREE 10 Coins
  • FREE 60 Coins
  • FREE 25 Coins
  • FREE 160 Coins

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