Truth or Dare? Fun Party Games

Dirty Nerve for Adults & Teens

Discover secrets about your friends, give them the ultimate dare, or just embarrass them in front of their crush. Get the party started with Truth or Dare!

Get the classic house party game in the palm of your hand! Just shake your phone to see whose turn it is to make the ultimate choice: Truth or Dare?

Spice up any party with our crazy, silly, sexy and thrilling truth or dare cards. Choose the challenge level, from fun and clean to hot and dirty, or make your own cards to personalize your gameplay!


• Choose various modes to keep your game appropriate (or not) for teens, adults, couples and more
• Keep it clean and simple with Easy or Soft modes
• Spill your dirty secrets or undertake sexy dares with Hard and Crazy modes
• Keep the party fresh with even more decks of truth or dare cards!

• Create customized truth and dare cards to make things personal
• Create dares personalized to your friends likes, hates and fears
• Get the truth with questions you’ve been dying to ask your friends

• Add players by name to call them out
• Play with up to 25 players in a single game!

Ready to play? Then I dare you: download Truth or Dare now!

“It’s a fun app when ur bored with friends, it also builds social skills and it improves friendships” – Konichiwa Chloe desu

“This is a really good game. It brings out my dark side… MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” – Ava Lu

“I love it because there’s so many dares” – Blazup2135

In-App Purchases


  • FREE Dirty Level
  • FREE Buy Hot level All
  • FREE Buy Truth Or Dare Full!
  • FREE Transparent Category
  • FREE Extreme Level
  • FREE Crazie Category
  • FREE Remove Ads
  • FREE Soft Level
  • FREE Custom Cards
  • FREE Special Offer!

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