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The family storytelling app

**Parents’ Choice Approved App**

Awake the inner storyteller with diverse and empowering stories for young & old. Storytelling has never been easier.

Choose from well-curated stories in every kind of genre written by authors from all around the world. Each Storyworld contains bundles of 5 stories with familiar characters and settings – never run out of a great story to tell!

– Handpicked & well-curated stories for all age groups
– Encourage free storytelling with our unique story format
– Serialized stories with charming characters
– Diverse & empowering tales with storytelling tips & educational aspects
– New Storyworlds every two weeks
– Never run out of funny interactive stories with our Storybuilder
– Add a new twist to storytime and let the kids join the fun

Storytelling plays a vital role when growing up. Create lasting memories and embark on fantastic journeys with beloved characters.

We deeply care about diversity and empowerment – each Storyworld contains educational aspects and storytelling tips to teach valuable life lessons.

Each story includes an easy-to-remember summary of Storypoints and the interactive Storybuilder generates millions of exciting storylines.

The benefits of free storytelling go far beyond “the moral of the story” – whenever you tell a story, you stimulate imagination and encourage creative thinking.

When you create the story as you go, you can steer the story and even become a character in a world you build together – that makes your family active participants of the narrative!

Reading helps build literacy skills, telling stories helps build those skills and put them into practice.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

In-App Purchases


  • FREE Matilda & the Cave Troll - 1-5
  • FREE Kid Joey - Storybook Detective
  • FREE Favourite Fairy Tales - 1-5
  • FREE Terry the Trouble Bunny 1-5
  • FREE Humonstromous 1-5
  • FREE The Dinosaur & Me - 1-5
  • FREE My Sister the Werewolf - 1-5
  • FREE Karlotta the Knight - 1-5
  • FREE Tate's Time Traveling Top
  • FREE The Holiday Girls 1-5

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