Fraction Calculator Plus #1

The First Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator Plus is the world’s favorite homework helper and the first of its kind, but does so much more. The perfect project companion, whether you’re checking your math, preparing recipes in the kitchen, working on crafts or even construction projects, Fraction Calculator Plus is exactly what you’re looking for.

The genius of Fraction Calculator’s original innovative design is in the highly intuitive mixed number display: just enter the whole number, then the numerator and denominator, and the app takes care of everything else.

NEW FEATURE! “Check Your Work” button helps you work through a problem yourself, making it even better for students than before!

-Check your kids’ homework in only seconds
-Convert a recipe into different portion or serving sizes
-Make craft and home improvement projects simpler than ever before
-Keep track of calculations with the history function

Beautiful, natural-feeling display makes the job better:

-NEW! Every result is also shown in decimal form, making conversion a breeze
-Crisp, clear and elegant type makes it easy to read at a distance
-Clever triple keypad display lets you work faster than ever
-Fractions get reduced automatically to their simplest form, making your task even easier
-Full history lets you see old calculations, allowing you to track your work
-Supports mixed numbers, improper fractions, and proper fractions

It couldn’t be easier to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions! Let Fraction Calculator Plus turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into an everyday helping hand.
Perfect companion for students, teachers, carpenters, woodworkers, construction workers, contractors, chefs, and home cooks.

Since 2012 on iOS, we’ve been proudly dedicated to perfecting our tool. Please keep sending us your feedback!

This is an ad-supported version so we can keep it free to use, but our ad-free version is also available.

Fraction Calculator Plus (C) 2018 Digitalchemy, LLC

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