Rocketbook App

The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbook notebooks including the Wave, Everlast, Color, One, and Rocketpad. Rocketbook allows you to write in a traditional paper and pen notebook, capture your notes, and send them to the cloud using your smartphone.

Capture your thoughts naturally using pen and paper in your Rocketbook notebook. Then, use the app to capture your notes and instantly organize them inside the services you use. Simply mark special icons on each notebook page to send your notes to your email inbox or specific locations inside Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, OneDrive, OneNote, Box, and Slack. The Rocketbook app uses your smartphone camera to “see” your notebook pages and instantly blasts them in to the cloud.

For more information about our reusable notebooks, please visit Free Rocketbook PDFs can be found at

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