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AudiobooksNow is the premier service for downloading and streaming digital audiobooks with over 95,000 amazing titles to choose from, plus 1000’s of free audio books. We offer deeply discounted audiobooks that can be downloaded or streamed to your mobile device. Our free AudiobooksNow App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allows you to stream or download your audiobook library. Audiobooks can also be downloaded or streamed from or website.

Key App Features:

– Sign up
– Make purchases
– Auto bookmarks
– Download audiobooks
– Stream audiobooks
– Sleep timer
– Free audiobooks section
– Audio playback speed controls
– Manual bookmark and labeling feature
– Auto incoming call pause and resume
– No data or WiFi connection required after audiobooks are downloaded
– Sync audiobooks and bookmarks across multiple devices
– Ability to skip around within track list
– Add to wish list

The AudiobooksNow Apple iOS app allows you to easily explore our extensive catalog of audio books. The streamlined, responsive interface will help your find, purchase and listen to audio books in no time. Our unique auto bookmarking software will make sure your audio book always picks up where you left off, even if you listen to an audio book on the way to work through the app, than stream the audio book through our website at work. Once your audio books are downloaded, there is no more need for a data connection. The app will allow you to play downloaded audio books on the go without a WiFi or data connection.

There are many ways to enjoy audible spoken word audio books. Whether you’re on a road trip or long commute, working out, or simply doing chores around the house, audio books are the perfect way to enjoy great books anytime, anywhere. Audiobooks are also perfect for anyone who is vision impaired. Download the AudiobooksNow app for audio books today!

In-App Purchases


  • FREE Audiobook $13.99
  • FREE Audiobook $18.99
  • FREE Audiobook $17.99
  • FREE Audiobook $16.99
  • FREE Audiobook $22.99
  • FREE Audiobook $12.99
  • FREE Audiobook $21.99
  • FREE Audiobook $20.99
  • FREE Audiobook $14.99
  • FREE Audiobook $15.99

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