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Count to 20, match quantity to numbers and estimate quantities in this beautiful game for preschoolers and kindergarten children.

The second game in ToyaTap’s 123 basic math series, it is based on international math education programs including the US Common Core recommendations. The game is focused on acquiring and practicing the key building blocks for the development of mathematical thinking: Count up and down, quantity estimation, number recognition and number values.

Educational targets:
– Develop number sense count forward and backward.
– Identify and match number names, numerals and quantities.
– Count objects.
– Improve visual perception concepts which are essential for recognizing numbers.
– Establish Motor skills such as Hand-eye coordination.

Game features:
– Easy and intuitive: Toddlers can play this game independently.
– No stress or time limits.
– Safe environment for your kids (girls & boys). Ads free and No pop ups.
– 15 engaging game boards aligned with international maths curriculums, including US Common Core.

The game is beautifully illustrated. Your child will visit many different unique environments that spark the curiosity and imagination and make counting a fun experience.

Game Boards:

Lesson 1: Count up and down
Island bus – tap passengers and COUNT to 12
Knights – Match castle key colors and COUNT to 3
Take off – Prepare for rocket launch and COUNT DOWN from 5

Lesson 2: Estimate quantity
Scooter – Wear helmets and ESTIMATE few/medium/many
Bats – dress the bat knights and ESTIMATE few/many
Apple tree – pick apples and MATCH QUANTITIES

Lesson 3: Number recognition
Number boxes – sort NUMBERS to boxes
Airport – sort luggage to carts and recognize DIGITS
Nighty night – recognize DIGITS in a memory game

Lesson 4: Number values
Ship – Load a ship while matching NUMBER and QUANTITY
Treasure box: Open a treasure box matching keys to locks
Construction – COUNT and load the EXACT NUMBER of bricks to build a castle

Lesson 5: Summary
Balloon machine – Match NUMBERS to dots and make balloons
Smoothies – COUNT and load the EXACT NUMBER of fruits to make tasty juice
Wild west – COUNT and connect dots to create a wild west scene

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