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Quizizz is used by more than 10 million students, teachers, and parents—at home and in the classroom.

Choose from millions of gamified quizzes covering every subject. Compete with friends and customize your games with themes, music, memes, and more!

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– Millions of quizzes for different subjects, topics, and grades.
– In-class, homework, and global game modes.
– Optional read-aloud questions so everyone can participate.
– Seamless integration with Google Classroom.

From the Quizizz Community:

“Wow! Students wanted to do a quiz on @quizizz over again. They never ask to do a worksheet over again.” — Nora, High School Math Teacher

“My 3rd graders absolutely loved using @quizizz today to review for their geography test. They asked to play another round! ” — Katie, Student Teacher.

“This is the best website EVER!” — 4th grade student at Home Brink Elementary

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