Social Bicycles

Bike Share Everywhere

Social Bicycles (SoBi) provides innovative bike share technology to municipal, university and private programs around the world. Find, reserve, ride, and return bicycles with ease.

Our bikes are GPS enabled and can be rented with your smartphone. You can return bicycles to hub locations or lock them to public bike racks for a small fee.

Use our mobile app to:
– Find bicycles using map
– Create an account and pay through the app
– Reserve bicycles wirelessly
– Manage your account
– Contact customer support

Public programs powered by Social Bicycles:
– SoBi Hamilton, Hamilton, ON, CA
– SoBi Long Beach, NY
– Coast Bike Share, Tampa, FL
– GRID Bike Share, Phoenix, AZ
– Juice Bike Share, Orlando, FL
– Topeka Metro Bikes, Topeka, KS
– Boise GreenBike, Boise, ID
– University of Virginia UBike, Charlottesville, VA
– Mountain Rides Bike Share, Ketchum, ID
– Reddy Bike Share, Buffalo, NY
– Breeze Bike Share, Santa Monica, CA
– VeloGo, Ottawa, ON, CA
– Share-A-Bull Bikes, University of South Florida, FL
– Monash University, VIC, AU
– Curtin University, VIC, AU
– Bay Bike, San Mateo, CA
– Long Beach Bike Share, Long Beach CA
– Beverly Hills Bike Share, Beverly Hills, CA
– WeHo Pedals, West Hollywood
– BIKETOWN, Portland, OR
– UHBikes, Cleveland, OH
– Relay Bike Share, Atlanta, GA
– Velonet, Czech Republic
– Bruin Bike Share UCLA, CA
– Bike Share Connect, Los Angeles, CA

Social Bicycles (SoBi) integrates with the Health app to sync your bicycle trips. Enable integration in the Account tab.

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