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Best Frigging DMV App Ever by Trina_Kakes – 5 Stars
Omg I used this app and read the manual for my state test and man it was like if they picked the questions right outta it!!! I recommend any and everyone to use it that needs to study… This App gets an A+++++

Join the 500000+ users who use DMV Ultimate to practice for their DMV Exam. Packed with over 310+ DMV test questions, road signs and more to help you prepare for the exam. DMV Ultimate is a great companion that can help you pass the DMV Test on your first attempt.

The clean and user-friendly interface allows you to get the information you need quickly. It gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on practicing for the exam. Take the practice exams to see how good your knowledge is about road rules and regulations. The built-in hint system will help you through the tougher practice questions. When you pass all 6-practice exams, you can be sure that you have the knowledge you need to succeed in the DMV Exam. Learn your road signs easily with the simple to use swipe interface. Each road sign comes with an easy to understand explanation about the sign. DMV Ultimate goes one step beyond and includes explanations and pictures for all Dashboard Symbols you might find in your car. Never again be clueless about a red blinking symbol.

DMV Ultimate makes learning for your DMV Exam fun. Earn Achievements for passing practice tests. Get them all and go take your test!

• Over 310+ practice questions.
• Road sign information.
• Dashboard Symbols information.
• Fun Achievement system.
• User-friendly interface.
• Swipe mechanics for easy navigation.
• Progress meter.
• Random test questions.
• Ask friends for help on Facebook.
• Hint system.

Driving Test Practice Questions prep app:
CA – California
CT – Connecticut
MD – Maryland
PA – Pennsylvania
MA – Massachusetts
VA – Virginia
NY – New York
AL – Alabama
MI – Mississippi
NJ – New Jersey
AZ – Arizona
TS – Tennessee
KY – Kentucky
NC – North Carolina
SC – South Carolina
WV – West Virginia
GA – Georgia
OH – Ohio
OR – Oregon
WI – Wisconsin
OR – Oregon
WI – Wisconsin
TX – Texas
MO – Missouri
WA – Washington
NV – Nevada
DC – District of Columbia
UT – Utah
FL – Florida
MN – Minnesota
IN – Indiana
MI – Michigan
HI – Hawaii
OK – Oklahoma
LA – Louisiana
IL – Illinois
NE – Nebraska
DE – Delaware
KS – Kansas
AL- Alaska
CO – Colorado
NH – New Hampshire
ND – North Dakota
MT – Montana
ID – Idaho
SD – South Dakota
RI – Rhode Island
VT – Vermont
NM – New Mexico
WY – Wyoming
ME – Maine

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