JW.org 2018

Biblical Information, Educational Videos, JW Watchtower, Tips for the family and much more in almost all languages – JW.org 2018.

Application is made by and for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It contains different translations of the Bible, News from JW and more. It is an unofficial app.

App features:
• Easily access JW services and read the Bible.
• Drag your finger across the screen to quickly navigate.
• Listen to JW Songs & Podcasts.
• Change text size to read bible more easily.
Music Videos, Gallery, Daily Text and quotes.
• Spanish, Portuguese and many more languages available!
• Find the word or phrase in the current publication by using the search function.

• Select one of the available translations of the Bible.
• Read or Listen any chapter you wish.
• Browse related material by pressing a footnote or cross reference.


In-App Purchases


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