Cube Monster 3D

Become Monster Trainer

A role-playing class of high-freedom exploration pet grab adventure mobile game

—— New continent,New Monter,100% Freshness ——
A super big world map,over 100 original Cube Monsters,over 300 different moves of different types!Utilize the restraint system to take advantage in the battle!

—— High-freedom exploration,MMO attribute,Zero Distance ——
Customize your monster world,high-freedom exploration.Free capture monster!

—— Hyperspace Exploration,Hunting ground capture,easy to keep Mystery Beast ——
Unlock Hyperspace,capture Mystery Beast,Tame pett,Be the Champion!

—— Rift Exploration,Homeland Mine Treasure Hunter ——
Rifts pop up at random,Meet a surprise!Grow Homeland,build a house!

—— Match Battle,Free PVP,Experience Fair Play ——
In a well balanced PVP platform,every trainer can customize unique monster squad of their own.

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 50 Gems
  • FREE 350 Gems
  • FREE Monthly Pack I
  • FREE 700 Gems
  • FREE 1,600 Gems
  • FREE Special Offer Voucher
  • FREE Energy Pack
  • FREE 4,800 Gems
  • FREE Gold Pack
  • FREE 2,400 Gems

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