Nano for Reddit

A wrist-based Reddit client

“[Nano for Reddit] operates smoothly, resulting in a frustration-free Reddit experience” – DigitalTrends

Nano is the best way to browse Reddit on your Apple Watch. From voting on posts, checking your inbox, and reading the latest news, Nano has you covered.

Nano was designed from the ground-up to utilise the Apple Watch’s unique screen size and layout, and what resulted was an intuitive and smooth Reddit experience.

Nano also has inline-Twitter support, GIF support, an inbuilt article reader, and so much more!

Note: Some features displayed in the screenshots are part of an optional paid pro upgrade. These include favourites​, multireddits, more than 5 subscriptions, and Handoff support.

In-App Purchases


  • FREE Nano Pro
  • FREE Nano Pro
  • FREE Nano Pro
  • FREE Tip: Tier 1
  • FREE Tip: Tier 4
  • FREE Tip: Tier 3
  • FREE Tip: Tier 2

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