Shapr – Business Networking

Meet inspiring professionals

This app selects for you, each day, people to connect with. Whether you’re seeking friends, recruiters, mentors or employees, each swipe is a new opportunity and a new discovery.

This app is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking cofounders and ideas, professionals exploring career changes or job opportunities, building contacts within their industry, people new to a city seeking friends, and anyone who wants to break up their day by chatting with like-minded and inspiring people!

– Create your account with your status (entrepreneur, freelancer, student..), place of work and professional goals.
– Select the career fields you’re most interested in (communication, marketing, sales, finance, engineering …)
– Don’t forget to mention how you want to meet people: having coffee, aperitif, for lunch…
– Add you LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram profiles

– Have a look to the personalized contacts list that we make for you every day
– For each profile, you have 2 options: pass or meet
– When you are interested in the profile, just swipe and start talking with inspiring people
– To have a match, you need to have both swiped right
– Then, you can chat, discover your mutual interest and build a durable relationship

– Each person is unique by its personality, career and aspirations
– Discover entrepreneurs, founders, professionals, recruiters, mentors, artists, among other countless talented and inspiring individuals throughout the world
– Meet-ups are business connections, career opportunities and path

By using this networking app, share aspirations, bond with people, and embark on new journeys. You can read some of our members’ stories in our website (

*Don’t forget that big ideas come from small encounters. Start shaping your life today!*

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  • FREE Shapr Pro - 6 Months
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