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Welcome to Grades, the simplest way to check your school assignment scores. We support over 150 school districts that use the Aeries Student Information System. With a multitude of features to make it easy to analyze your scores such as a built in grade calculator, Grades is sure to keep you on top of your schoolwork.


Add in mock assignments to see what affect a certain score will have on your grade. Also, change the score of assignments to see how that will change your grade.

View the average grade you have in assignments belonging to a certain category. This allows you to see what area you need to work on in order to get that A.

Use the Today Widget to check your grades right from your notification screen.

As a parent, viewing your children’s grades needs to be easy and fast. With Grades, quickly switch between different students, even when the phone is offline.

Change your app’s overall color scheme to whatever fashionable color you choose to make the app feel like yours.

The grade calculator and averages features work completely offline, so you can check and analyze your scores on the go.

***Grades – View your scores is not affiliated with or endorsed by Eagle Software. Aeries is a trademark of Eagle Software.

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